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I’m very interested in adapting many of your ideas in Flip for my own home. Could you tell me the dimensions of the living room and family room in the book? Could you also tell me the dimensions of your sofas? Thanks – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your book. Can’t wait for more.

Hi Sally,
Thanks so much for your nice email. I am thrilled to hear you like FLIP!
As for the dimensions of my rooms…
My living room is 16′ x 18′, sofa is 7.5′ l.
My family room is 12.5′ x 13′, sofa is 6′ l.
Email if you have more questions!

Hi, I saw your article in the September 2009 issue of GH. Who is the manufacturer of the chairs upholstered in wipe-clean outdoor fabric? I’d like to check them out and couldn’t find any info on them in the magazine.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Julie,
My dining room chairs are old—I purchased from a store called Bungalow in Westport, CT. I had them upholstered in outdoor fabric from The Great Outdoors Collection from Holly Hunt. I was able to find you similarly styled chairs from Ballard Designs. They have a variety of fabrics you can choose from including some that are meant for outdoor use and are thus easy to clean! You can order swatches before you commit… Might I suggest you check out my new book as well? It’s called Flip! For Decorating. In it you will find many answers to your questions! That being said, feel free to email me.
Best wishes,
Elizabeth Mayhew

Hi Elizabeth, I LOVE your segments on the Today Show and purchased your FLIP book immediately after publication. I saw your mudroom makeover this morning(10/22) and I am fascinated by the hall tree. Could you please tell me where that is from?
And thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

Hi Marisela,
Thank you so much for your nice email. Always good to know someone is out there liking what you do! I wish I could tell you where to get the hall tree, but I bought it 5 years ago at a country auction in Columbia County, New York. I know very little about the piece, but I loved it the minute I saw it… I spent hours waiting for its lot number to come up –it was one of the last lots in the auction! Judging from the response I have received from the segment, I think I should copy it and sell it! I will keep you posted…

Hi Elizabeth! I love your book, Flip for Decorating but can’t for the life of me find the white Parsons-style table you used in your dining room. Can you point me in the right direction?

Hi Michele,
So glad you like Flip!
The table is the Gamma table, designed by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini: Good luck and definitely contact me if you have any more questions!

Wow, thanks for the quick response, Elizabeth! Your work is an inspiration! :)

Hello Ms. Mayhew,
I read with interest the article “Shortcuts to Style” in the September issue of GH. I fell in love with the black/white chair (#18) you featured and was curious to know where I could find one. It was one of the asterisk (Free) items. I didn’t understand what was meant that it was free. Any information you can provide will be helpful. Thank you.
Vanessya Fountain

Hi Vanessya,
So glad you liked the article. The chair is from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams and is called Gloria: I wish I could say that it was free, but unfortunately it’s not! I think that GH was referring more to the idea of mixing patterns as a “free” way of making your home more stylish. I write a fair amount about how to mix patterns together in my book, so I think they were just highlighting the idea in their article.
Let me know if you have anymore questions!

Hi Elizabeth,
I saw your segment on great rooms on Today this morning. I love the yellow paint on the walls in your great room. Could you tell me what the paint color is? Thank you so much!

Hi Kate,
The color I used on my family room walls is Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow–it’s my favorite yellow paint!
Good luck,

I saw you on the Today Show, June 23rd with Anne Curry. You mentioned where to get the great outdoor rugs but I forgot before I could look it up. Can you remind me please? You had a brown rug with a geometric pattern that would really work in my family room. Love your book and easy to follow explanations!

Hi Ellen,
So glad you like the book!
The rugs I showed today were from
Good luck and have fun decorating!

Hello, Elizabeth. I launched a collection of decorative candle sleeves for light fixtures in Sept 2008-kaarskoker. Retailing for $12-23/pair, the sleeves are an easy and inexpensive way to re-style existing light fixtures for everyday or holidays. Featured in House Beautiful and Real Simple, kaarskoker has been well received by editors and consumers. I think viewers on the TODAY SHOW would appreciate your take on this innovative product. Please visit for more information.
Thank you,

Thanks April. I will keep the candle sleeves in mind for segments.

One more thing, Elizabeth. When I wrote you through your website, I was uncertain how many characters I had. I want you to know FLIP is genius. You have created a special book that will serve as a helpful tool. Congratulations! I look forward to giving copies as gifts for years to come. I LOVE the videos as well. Really well done.
Many thanks for a quick response,

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Elizabeth Mayhew is currently a contributing editor at NBC's Today and a monthly columnist for The Washington Post. She is also the author of FLIP! for Decorating (Ballantine). She has worked for a number of publications including REAL SIMPLE, House Beautiful, Southern Living, and Woman's Day. A native of Louisville, Kentucky and a graduate of Georgetown University, she now lives in New York City with her husband and two teenage kids.

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